Ramadan 2017

Our Young Voices Ramadan Campaign is a platform to give our children an opportunity to express what they value about their education and help them seek ways to make a difference. One way that students can be involved in their school experience is to ensure that students from various financial capabilities have an opportunity for a sound Peace Terrace Education. Listen to them tell you about what they need and how best they learn and what our school community means to them. They are the next generation of leaders and thinkers. Let’s show them that we stand with them and for them.

Here are our Fundraising Goals this Ramadan:

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30K-Student Financial Aid

Our goal at Peace Terrace Academy is to provide a quality education regardless of a student’s financial standing. This is made possible because of support and donations from people like you. Providing the means for educating a student is considered an act of continuous charity. We look forward, this Ramadan, in sharing this opportunity with our community.


50K- School and Masjid Renovations

Growth is GREAT– except when you run out of space!!

Help us to renovate and make the changes that we need to our campus in order to accomodate all of our students. Our plan inculdes: a newly added Early Childhood Center and expanded classrooms.

Join us to make these much needed changes happen for Peace Terrace Academy and our growing community.

Donate Now and help build for a stronger future.