After School Programs

Afterschool & Enrichment Programs

Afterschool Programs

Thank you for your interest in the Peace Terrace Academy Afterschool Program. The After-School Program at Peace Terrace Academy provides children from Kindergarten-8th grade an opportunity to join in extra-curricular activities.
Please fill out the After-School Programs application if you would like your child to enroll in the afterschool programs. Please note that this program is not limited only to Peace Terrace Academy’s students. Space will be limited for each of the programs.

Program Structure and Cost:
Students will Join their after-school program teachers in the courtyard at 3:30 for a 15 minute snack break and will start classes at 3:45. Each of the classes will end promptly at 4:45. Pick-up time is from 4:45-4:50. The programs that we are offering for the 2016-2017 school year are as follows. We may add additional classes or workshops in the Winter or Spring trimester.


Annual Cycle

Fall Trimester Winter Trimester Spring Trimester
10/3 -11/30 12/1 – 3/10 3/13 – 6/9


Weekly Schedule

Option 1 Option 2
Monday/Wednesday Qur’an

Ustadh Imran



Manila Taekwondo


Tuesday/Thurs Qur’an

Ustadh Imran


Jr. High Enrichment

Shaheen Rasheed


Monday-Thursday Qur’an

Ustadh Imran


After school Classes are only available when Peace Terrace is in session, for dates please check our school calendar.  Rates will be prorated for the 1st trimester due to late start.  After school programs are not offered on Fridays.