Giving Events: Sound Community, Sound Heart

A community is a reflection of the people who live in it.  Our goal at Peace Terrace is to continue to foster a learning community that grows year by year, day by day.  You may not be directly impacted by students at Peace Terrace today; yet in the near future, our students will be your doctors, community leaders, and teachers.  Their sound heart will lead to our sound community.  Join us in building a community of learners who will illuminate the world with their light and bring about positive change, all while seeking the pleasure of Allah.

Our Speakers:

Aisha Gray-Henry is the founder and director of the charitable foundation and publishing company Fons Vitae.  Fons Vitae is currently engaged in the monumental task of bringing out Imam Al Ghazali’s Ihya in readable English for parents and teachers as well as adapting it for children.

Shaykh Allauddin El-Bakri began his study of Islam at a young age in North Africa and continued his education in Islamic sciences in Jordan, learning from preeminent scholars in the Muslim world.  He has served the Muslim community in the United States in numerous capacities, serving as Imam at several Islamic centers.

As a special treat our Theater students will perform a play called “Painting Heaven.”

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